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Chicago Riverfront White - Transplant Village

A Grateful Community United to Give Back to Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplant. 10% of this purchase will be donated to Transplant Village (TV).


Custom Transplant Village information will be placed on the back of card for Styles B-C. Style A and "Packages of 10" will have the standard Eclectik back of card (i.e. There will not be any information about TV on the back of card, but 10% of the sale will go back to TV). Scroll to the bottom of page to see a description of styles (Styles A-C) under the Bulk Pricing Chart. 

Category: Charity
Card Number: 410121 TV
Card Size: 7-7/8" x 5-1/4"
Card Type: Folded
Pricing Description:

$15.75 Package of 10 cards and envelopes

Quantity Discount Pricing
Inside Reads: Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season
Custom Greeting for Styles B & C

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Qty: $15.75 per set

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Would You Like To: (styles B & C only)
  Option 1: Create a personalized holiday card
  Option 2: Create an invitation or announcement
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Quantity and Personalization Pricing Chart

All orders should be placed in quantities of 25 units 

Style Card Format 25 50-100 125-200 225-300 325-400 425-500
A   Standard card + white envelope n/a n/a n/a $1.30$1.29$1.28
B   Personalized card (color ink on inside) + white envelope n/a $3.58$2.83$2.40$2.10$1.91
C   Personalized card (color ink on inside) + personalized envelope n/a $3.99$3.12$2.57$2.29$2.12
Style Card Format 525-750 775-1000 1025-2000 2025-2500 2525-3000
If quantity is over 3000, please request a quote by calling
(312) 690-3181
A   Standard card + white envelope $1.27$1.26$1.25$1.23$1.22
B   Personalized card (color ink on inside) + white envelope $1.81$1.70$1.57$1.49$1.35
C   Personalized card (color ink on inside) + personalized envelope $2.02$1.88$1.74$1.64$1.50
 Personalization Set Up Fees
 Set up fees - personalized greeting inside - Style B $30.00
 Set up fees - combined (return address & greeting) - Style C $40.00